Journal of Economics , Mangement and Financial Studies

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Abstract of journal:

Responsive imageJournal of the college economics ,management,and financial studies-quarterly scientific journal published by the school of management and economy at university Babylon ,means of affairs economic development and administrative finance,develop at first silence scientific studies published in which for terms search academic and for the calendar scientific research from befor expert certified and required the journal research wishing at publishing the no be research and studies introduction it may previously submission to me verse side other or done spread bit or both of which and bear research liability so

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Classification of the journal of administration and economics:

Academic articles are categorized individually within the college journal and all articles and academic research can be grouped into one list to save time for those interested.

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Aims and vision

Aims: the journal aims to disseminate scientific research in all the department of the faculty and look for to help research to get the lastest information in the field management and administration.

Vision: the journal look for to be apioneer in the field of providing the lastest information related to the specialties of the college of management and administration through adoption the higher acceptable research .

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Administrative work in the journal :

The administrative work take in of the journal includes the collection of all academic articles and research that have been accepted for publication in college of administration and economics journal .


issn: 1557-2011
eissn : 2313-1012
Address : Iraq-babil
Publisher : Babylon University / the college economics and management
language : The journal publishes research written in both Arabic and English languages.
What journal published care: The journal cares for publishing researches in Economics Mangement and Financial Studies.